Why Choose OML

OML's outboard engine locks have been developed for the highest level of outboard engine security. Your outboard is valuable and vulnerable and  in the UK, no outboard is insured unless it is locked on with an insurance approved lock.  OML outboard engine locks have been created with the input from engine manufacturers, engine dealers and security test centres throughout Europe. Read on to find out more.

What makes Outboard Motor Loc locks so effective?
Four elements go into each outboard engine lock designed and made by OML. In your lock you will find:

1) A substantial and proven seawater-safe lock mechanism
2) High grade 316 marine-grade stainless steel construction
3) Designs created after extensive research, testing and development
4) High quality, metalwork carried out by hand, by experienced British engineers

Our outboard engine locks are only ever fitted with locks manufactured by a handful of companies whose mechanisms we have researched and tested relentlessly in a seawater environment. These suppliers have developed top-rated padlock technology for their radial lock mechanisms. Each lock is drill and screwdriver attack resistant and must be created from either high nickel/chrome stainless steel or brass making it impervious to galvanic action in seawater.

Built to last

Many of our competitors sell locks made of various metal cocktails that can produce galvanic action once seawater is introduced. These mechanisms will then seize up in as little as a month in a saltwater environment. Our investigations found that many lock mechanisms in other outboard motor locks have had materials used in their padlocks which are not suitable for a marine salt water environment. Our locks are not built with padlocks or chains. 

So spend that little extra and buy a properly made lock that is easy to fit and gives you peace of mind. 

Our aim is to provide you with a reliable and effective motor theft deterrent that will last a lifetime!